This section contains installation instructions for the Windows platform.

Source distribution

The Xerces-C++ source is available in the source distribution:

Install the Xerces-C++ source distribution by using unzip on the archive in the Windows environment. You can use WinZip, or any other UnZip utility:


This creates the 'xerces-c-3.1.0' sub-directory containing the Xerces-C++ source distribution.

If you need to build the Xerces-C++ source after installation, please follow the Build Instructions.

Binary distribution

Install the Xerces-C++ binary distribution by using unzip on the xerces-c-3.1.0-{arch}-windows-{compiler}.zip archive in the Windows environment. Here {arch} denotes the CPU architecture and {compiler} denotes the C++ compiler of your choice. You can use WinZip, or any other UnZip utility. For example:


This creates a 'xerces-c-3.1.0-x86-windows-vc-8.0' sub-directory containing the Xerces-C++ binary distribution.

You need to add the 'xerces-c-3.1.0-{arch}-windows-{compiler}\bin' directory to your path. To do this go to the start menu, click the settings menu and select control panel. When the control panel opens, double click on System and select the 'Environment' tab. Locate the PATH variable under system variables and add <full-path-to-xerces-c-3.1.0-{arch}-windows-{compiler}>\bin to the PATH variable.

Additionally, if you don't have the corresponding version of Microsoft Visual C++ installed, you may need to download and install the C/C++ runtime libraries from the Microsoft website. For example, for Visual Studio 2008 (9.0) the package is called "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package".

The binary distribution contains the pre-built parser libraries and sample executables. Please refer to the Samples for how to run the samples.

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